Dont Go Near The Water – Movie Review

Do you like movies with a lot of action? If so, you’ll probably enjoy “Dont Go Near The Water”. It’s a fast-paced film with plenty of thrills to keep you entertained.

However, if you’re looking for a deep and thought-provoking movie, you’ll probably be disappointed. “Dont Go Near The Water” is mostly just a lot of fun.

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The movie “Don’t Go Near The Water” is a comedy about the United States Navy during World War II. The story follows the misadventures of a group of sailors who are stationed on a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

The comedy is derived from the various situations that the sailors find themselves in, such as getting stranded on the island, being lost at sea, or having to deal with difficult commanding officers.

Don’t Go Near The Water is a light-hearted movie that does not take itself too seriously. It is an enjoyable watch for those who are looking for a bit of light entertainment.


The film follows the lives of a group of soldiers stationed in Vietnam during the war. They are constantly on the lookout for enemy activity and are constantly in danger. One day, they stumble upon a group of Vietnamese women bathing in a river. The soldiers decide to take them prisoner and bring them back to their base.

The next day, the women are brought before the commanding officer and are interrogated. The officer is not satisfied with their answers and decides to sentence them to death. The soldiers prepare to execute the women, but are stopped by another soldier who has been watching from a distance. He tells them that the women are innocent and that they should let them go.

The film then follows the soldiers as they try to survive the war and deal with the guilt of what they have done.


The cast of “Don’t Go Near The Water” includes Gary Cooper, Anne Francis, Keenan Wynn, George Hamilton, Walter Matthau and Leora Dana. This movie was released in 1957 and was directed by Charles Walters.


“Don’t Go Near the Water” is a 1957 comedy film directed by Charles Walters and starring Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Keenan Wynn, and Gia Scala. The film is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by William Brinkley.

The film follows the misadventures of a U.S. Navy public relations unit during World War II. The unit’s chief, Lieutenant Jerry Curran (Glenn Ford), is a former newsman who has been assigned to the unit because he is considered to be good with people. Lt. Curran’s main task is to write a column for the navy magazine “All Hands”, but he also has to contend with his difficult boss, Captain Horatio Bixby (Keenan Wynn).

The film was one of the most popular comedies of its time and was nominated for two Academy Awards.


The film has several themes including the importance of family, love, and relationships. It also highlights the dangers of going near the water and the importance of safety.


The movie was not well received.


In addition to being a box-office success, the film was nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Robert Redford), and Best Adapted Screenplay (Wasserman). It won the Oscar for Best Cinematography.


“Dont Go Near The Water” is a new movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It is a story about a group of friends who go on a vacation to a remote island. The friends are all male, and they are all in their twenties. The movie starts with them arriving at the island, and then we see them spending time together, swimming, fishing, and drinking.

We also see them interacting with the locals, who are all women. One of the men, Jack, starts to develop feelings for one of the locals, Maria. The movie follows their relationship as it develops, and we see how it affects the other people in the group.

The movie is very well-made, and the acting is excellent. The scenery is beautiful, and the film is overall very enjoyable. However, it is not without its faults. One of the biggest problems is that it feels very rushed. Spielberg tries to cram too much into too little time, and as a result, some important plot points are either glossed over or completely ignored.

Another issue is that the characters are not particularly likable. They are all very self-centered and seem to care only about themselves. This makes it difficult to feel any empathy for them when things start to go wrong.

Overall, “Dont Go Near The Water” is a good movie that is worth watching. It has its flaws, but it is still an enjoyable experience.

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In “Don’t Go Near The Water,” a 1957 World War II comedy, Glenn Ford stars as the skipper of a Navy ship that is assigned to public relations duty in the South Pacific. The film was directed by Charles Martin from a script by Frank Tarloff and William Bowers, based on the novel by Mr. Tarloff. It also features Keenan Wynn, Doris Day, Anne Francis, Jeffrey Hunter, Robert Wagner and Gavin McLeod.

Although most of the action takes place on board the ship, the film’s humor comes from the many water-based mishaps that befall the crew, including a near-drowning, an exploding whale and a tropical storm. Mr. Ford is his usual dependable self, but it is Miss Day who steals the show as a singer who has to be convinced to stay on board when she learns that there are no nightclubs in the area.

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