How Long Is the Uncharted Movie?

The Uncharted movie has been in development for a while now, and fans are wondering how long it will be. We’ve got the latest information on the movie’s length.

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Why a movie adaptation of Uncharted is long overdue

Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter, explorer and adventurer with a knack for getting into and out of traps and scrapes, usually involving ancient civilizations and artifacts. He’s the kind of person who, as Simon Pegg’s character says in “Star Trek,” would rather go down in a cave looking for pirate gold than sit at home getting paid to do it. In short, he’s the perfect video game character for an action-adventure movie.

“Uncharted” is a best-selling video game franchise from Naughty Dog, the developer behind such popular titles as “Crash Bandicoot,” “Jak & Daxter” and “The Last of Us.” The games follow Nathan Drake’s globetrotting adventures as he seeks out lost treasures and tries to stay one step ahead of rival treasure hunters (and villains) who are after the same prize.

The first “Uncharted” game was released in 2007, and since then there have been three more main games in the series (with a fourth on the way), as well as a spinoff. A movie adaptation has been in development since 2009, but it has faced several false starts and delays.

The most recent news on the movie is that it will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg, best known for his 2016 film “10 Cloverfield Lane.”Trachtenberg is taking over from Shawn Levy, who was previously attached to direct but left the project last year. The script is being written by Joe Carnahan (“The A-Team,” “Narc”), who was brought on board in 2017.

Carnahan’s script is reportedly heavily influenced by “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,” which many fans consider to be the best game in the series. It’s not clear how closely the film will stick to the events of that particular game (or any of the others), but it seems safe to say that we can expect some good old-fashioned treasure hunting adventures with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

As for how long the movie will be, that remains to be seen. However, considering that Trachtenberg’s last film was only 96 minutes long, it’s unlikely that we’re looking at anything close to three hours. We’ll just have to wait and see how things develop as production gets underway.

The challenges of adapting Uncharted for the big screen

It’s been almost a decade since Naughty Dog released Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the first entry in what would become one of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises. And in that time, there have been plenty of rumors about an Uncharted movie.

But now, it’s finally happening. The Uncharted movie is currently in development, with Tom Holland set to star as a young Nathan Drake.

The news was recently met with some excitement and trepidation in equal measure. On the one hand, it’s great to see one of gaming’s most popular franchises finally making the jump to the big screen. But on the other hand, the thought of Hollywood getting its hands on Uncharted is enough to make any fan of the games a little nervous.

After all, this is a franchise that has always been defined by its strong storytelling, dynamic characters, and thrilling action set-pieces — all of which are notoriously difficult to translate from game to film.

So the question on everyone’s mind is: can the Uncharted movie possibly live up to the legacy of the games? And more importantly, how long will it be?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to either question. As anyone who has tried to adapt a video game for film will tell you, it’s a daunting task. There are so many different elements that need to be taken into account, and often times something gets lost in translation.

The good news is that we do have some idea of what to expect from the Uncharted movie, thanks to recent comments from Tom Holland and director Travis Knight. Here’s what they had to say:

Tom Holland (Nathan Drake): “It’s going to be a big Indiana Jones-style adventure movie… It’s going be really cool and exciting and I can promise you that it will be one hell of a ride.”
Travis Knight (director): “It takes place in his younger years… It’s likeDocumentary Now!, almost verbatim [sic], if you’ve seen that wonderful show… We look at [the games] as sort of like pulp docs… We just want to make something fun.”

Who should play Nathan Drake in the movie?

It is not yet confirmed who will play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, but there are many fan casting suggestions. Tom Holland, Nathan Fillion, and Chris Pratt are all popular picks for the role. The movie will be directed by Shawn Levy and written by Joe Carnahan.

The Uncharted movie does not have a release date yet, but it is expected to come out sometime in 2020.

The possible plot of the Uncharted movie

The Uncharted movie is rumored to be based on the events of the third game in the series, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The plot is believed to follow treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he search for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands”. It is unknown how closely the movie will adhere to the events of the game, but it is clear that fans of the franchise are eagerly anticipating its release.

While no official release date has been announced, it is believed that the Uncharted movie will be released sometime in 2020.

The locations the Uncharted movie could visit

The Uncharted movie has been in development for years, and it still doesn’t have a release date. However, the movie could explore some of the same locations as the games.

The first Uncharted game, Drake’s Fortune, is set in South America, and it features Nate searching for El Dorado. The second game, Among Thieves, takes place in Nepal and Tibet, and it sees Nate searching for the lost city of Shambhala. The third game, Drake’s Deception, is set in the Arabian Desert, and it features Nate looking for the lost city of Iram of the Pillars.

It’s possible that the movie will visit all of these locations, or it could focus on just one. It’s also possible that the movie will visit new locations that weren’t featured in the games.

The action set-pieces the Uncharted movie could feature

With an action-heavy video game like Uncharted, there are plenty of set-pieces that could make for some awesome action sequences in a movie adaptation.

Some of the most memorable moments in the Uncharted games are the thrilling set-pieces, many of which could translate well to an action movie. From chasing trains to escaping collapsing buildings, the Uncharted games have delivered some truly heart-pounding moments.

Here are some of the most iconic set-pieces from the Uncharted games that could make for some incredible action sequences in a movie adaptation:

The Train Sequence from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – This could be an amazing opening sequence for the movie, with hero Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland) chasing down a train on horseback before leaping aboard and taking on the bad guys.

The Collapsing Building Sequence from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Another nerve-wracking sequence that could be recreated for the big screen, with Drake caught in a collapsing building and having to scramble to safety.

The Plane Sequence from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – One of the most memorable moments from Uncharted 4 sees Drake hijacking a plane in mid-air, and it could make for an explosive set-piece in a movie adaptation.

The villains the Uncharted movie could include

With the recent news that the Uncharted movie will be starting filming soon, fans of the video game series are eagerly anticipating who could potentially be in the cast.

One of the most popular game franchises of the past decade, Uncharted follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he globetrotts across the world searching for ancient artifacts. The games are known for their impressive set pieces, including car chases and gunfights, as well as their gritty and often violence-filled storylines.

While we don’t yet know who will be playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation, we’ve put together a list of some of Hollywood’s biggest names who could potentially be playing some of the villains in Uncharted.

The supporting characters the Uncharted movie could feature

Video game movies are a notoriously difficult genre to get right. For every successful adaptation like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider, there are many more that fail to capture the essence of what made the games great. One of the most anticipated video game movie adaptations is Uncharted, based on the popular PlayStation franchise. While there has been no shortage of news and rumors about the movie, one question still remains: how long will it be?

The answer, unfortunately, is that we don’t really know. The film’s director, Shawn Levy, has been tight-lipped about the movie’s length, saying only that it will be “a solid two hours.” However, given the size and scope of the Uncharted games, it’s likely that the movie will be at least somewhat longer than that.

In addition to its length, another question mark surrounding the Uncharted movie is its cast. While we know that Tom Holland will be playing Nathan Drake, the rest of the cast has yet to be announced. However, there have been some rumors about who could potentially fill out the supporting roles. Among those rumored to be up for a part are Mark Wahlberg (as Sully), Lupita Nyong’o (as Elena), and Gemma Arterton (as Chloe).

How the Uncharted movie could end

While there is no official word on how the Uncharted movie will end, there are a few ways it could go down. Here are a few possibilities:

-The movie could end with Nathan Drake finding the treasure he’s been looking for and then returning home to his family.
-The movie could end with Nathan Drake dying while trying to find the treasure.
-The movie could end with Nathan Drake finding the treasure but then being captured by the people who are after it.

Why an Uncharted movie is something to get excited about

An Uncharted movie has been in development for years, with multiple directors and writers attached at various points. But the project seems to have finally found its footing, with the recent announcement that Travis Knight will be helming the adaptation of the video game franchise.

The question now is how long will the Uncharted movie be? The games are Known for their lengthy cutscenes and sprawling storylines, so it’s unlikely that the film will be a short one.

We don’t yet know much about the plot of the movie, but it is rumored to be a prequel that will focus on Nathan Drake’s early days as a treasure hunter. If that is the case, then we can expect to see plenty of action and adventure, as well as some insights into Drake’s character.

With Travis Knight at the helm, we can also expect some beautiful visuals, as he is known for his work on movies like Kubo and the Two Strings and Transformers: The Last Knight.

All in all, an Uncharted movie is something to get excited about, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us.

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