How Many Star Trek Movies Are There?

The original series, seven spin-off television programs, three animated series, and thirteen films make up the Star Trek canon.

Similarly, What is the correct order of the Star Trek movies?

Order of the Star Trek Films The Motion Picture Star Trek (1979) The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek II) (1982) The Search for Spock in Star Trek III (1984) The Voyage Home (Star Trek IV) (1986) The Final Frontier (Star Trek V) (1989) The Undiscovered Country (Star Trek VI) (1991) Generations of Star Trek (1994)

Also, it is asked, Will there be a 14th Star Trek movie?

At the time, Paramount hired Kalinda Vazquez, the writer of Star Trek: Discovery, to develop a new Star Trek picture based on her own original concept, with Abrams’ Bad Robot producing. A month later, the company announced the release of an unnamed Star Trek picture on J.

Secondly, How many Star Trek TV shows are there?

The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Short Treks, Picard, Lower Decks, Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds make up the majority of the Star Trek franchise.

Also, How many episodes of Star Trek are there?

79 Number of episodes in Star Trek: The Original Series

People also ask, Is Chris Pine doing another Star Trek?

Chris Pine was as astonished and enthusiastic as the rest of us when Star Trek 4 was announced. “‘Did you hear about this?’ I believe [the actors] asked. We’re generally the last to learn, but I’m sure we’re all thrilled “He showed himself. “We’re ready to receive a script whenever they want.”

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Will Chekov be recast?

Despite the fact that Mr. Chekov was alive at the conclusion of Star Trek Beyond, director J.J. Abrams claimed that Anton Yelchin’s role as Chekov will never be replaced in a future Star Trek film.

Is Star Trek 4 still happening?

Josh Friedman (“Snowpiercer”) and Cameron Squires (“WandaVision”) are co-writing the current screenplay, which was reworked from an earlier draft by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. “Star Trek 4” will begin filming in late 2022. (via Collider)

How many Star Trek series and movies are there?

The original series, seven spin-off television programs, three animated series, and thirteen films make up the Star Trek canon.

Did Star Trek copy Star Wars?

The Star Trek television series premiered in 1966, and it impacted the start of the successful Star Wars movie in 1977. The first Star Trek film was released in 1979.

Who is the best Star Trek Captain, according to the Starfleet rankings? Captains are the greatest of the best in Star Trek. Obviously, a legend. Jean-Luc Picard may be the most popular captain, perhaps surpassing the iconic Captain Kirk. Captain Kathryn Janeway was the first female captain to command a Trek series in Voyager.

How many seasons of Star Trek The Animated series are there?

2Number of seasons in Star Trek: The Animated Series

What is the best episode of Star Trek?


How long will it take to watch all of Star Trek?

The total time spent watching all of the programs and movies is 651 hours and 48 minutes, which equates to nearly 27 days. Obviously, viewing them all at the same time is unfeasible, but watching all of Star Trek may take less than a year.

Why did they cancel Star Trek 4?

“Paramount is no longer in the business of creating Star Trek pictures,” our insider says of the condition of Star Trek at Paramount. They see it as primarily a television franchise, and they are unwilling to invest in future Star Trek films.

Are they making more Star Trek movies?

In late 2022, the next Star Trek film will begin production. Ryan Britt’s book on the history of Star Trek’s key changes, due out in 2022. From the 1960s program to the movies to Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ ‘Discovery,’ ‘Picard,’ and more!

Who will play Chekov in new Star Trek movie?

Yelchin, Anton Kelvin Timeline in Star Trek Koenig, Walter The Original Series of Star Trek Bray, Andy New Voyages in Star Trek

Which Star Trek has Whales?

The Voyage Home (Star Trek IV)

What happened to Chekhov?

Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the new Star Trek movie, was killed by his own automobile at his Los Angeles home, according to authorities. He was pinned between a brick mailbox pillar and a security fence after sliding backwards down the steep driveway at his Studio City house.

How many new Star Trek movies are there with Chris Pine?

Chris Pine, who has portrayed Captain James T. Kirk in three live-action Star Trek films, has now informed Deadline that despite meeting with the film’s creative team, he has yet to read a good screenplay.

What was the last Star Trek movie with the original cast?

Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s trippy retro-futurism, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’s time-traveling humor, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’s fascinating morality dramas are among the original films (1991)

Where can I watch Star Trek movies for free?

Star Trek has been associated with not just science fiction television but also science fiction feature films since the mid-1960s. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home is now accessible as a Star Trek free watch on YouTube Movies, with one of the greatest features coming from the Original Series’ actors.

Will there be a Star Trek 4 with Chris Pine?

Chris Pine Talks About Star Trek 4 And Why It’s ‘Struggled’ In Comparison To Marvel. Anyone would be tempted to doubt their franchise after seeing Marvel’s success. The Star Trek 4 rumors took a lot of people off guard, including Chris Pine and the rest of the cast.

Does George Lucas like Star Trek?

In an interview with George Lucas for the documentary Trek Nation, the filmmaker confessed that he was a Star Trek fan who used to go to conventions and admired Gene Roddenberry’s ability to produce so much despite money, time, and technological constraints.

Let’s be honest. The “Star Wars” series has surpassed the “Star Trek” franchise in terms of popularity. “Star Wars” may have generated less work, but the brand has grossed a lot more money at the box office, even without the help of a nostalgic TV show.

Which is more advanced Star Trek or Star Wars?

Star Trek triumphs in every situation. The Enterprise’s sensors are orders of magnitude superior than anything else in the Star Wars universe. finds that Star Wars scanners are restricted to a few hundred thousand kilometers, but Starfleet sensors can monitor spacecraft trillions of kilometers distant.

Who was the youngest Captain in Star Trek?

Kirk, James

What does Captain Kirk say to take off?

Kirk remarked, “Take us out,” while mobbed by media in Star Trek Generations. When Kirk sat down, everyone went crazy, and Chekov and Scotty poked fun of him.

Star Trek’s Top 10 Characters Jean-Luc Picard, Captain. For whatever reason, a bald Frenchman with an English accent does not sound like a renowned Star Trek figure. Sisko, Captain Benjamin On Deep Space Nine, Benjamin Sisko began his career as a captain. James Kirk, Captain. Spock. Captain Janeway, Doctor. Seventh out of nine . Gul Dukat.

Is there a Star Trek Voyager movie?

There was a “movie” aboard Voyager (on television) Voyager: Dark Frontier was a television movie based on the series. It was a full-length, made-for-television film. Although it aired during Season 5, the UPN Network promoted it as a movie: VOICE-OVER: The Voyager film you never expected to see

Why is Chekhov not in the animated series?

Due to financial constraints, Chekov was removed from the series. Even though an animated series is less expensive than a live-action production, there was still a lot of cutting. Because Filmation’s budget could not support the whole original ensemble, Chekov was dropped from the program.

What is Star Trek famous for?

Star Trek has had a cultural impact that extends beyond science fiction. The brand is also known for its pro-civil rights policies. One of the first multicultural casts on American television was included in the Original Series.


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