Is Belle A Good Movie Anime?

Ma. | 4.5/5 | Complete Review. Belle is much more than a reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. It’s an aesthetically spectacular, emotionally affecting picture that encapsulates some of the finest animation of the twenty-first century.

Similarly, Is Belle worth watching?

Belle is a stunning picture with excellent music, a captivating tale, a stellar cast, and some of the most stunning images I’ve ever seen in an anime or animated film. I had no idea what I was in for when I walked into this movie, but what I saw was one of the finest animated pictures I have ever seen.

Also, it is asked, What is Belle anime rated?

MPAA / PGBelle rating

Secondly, Is Belle anime good for kids?

Tweens will love these encouraging messages. Also, great music. There are some terrible sequences with kids hiding from their abusive father (no real violence shown), as well as some more violent scenes of fighting that may not be acceptable for younger audiences and some profanity, but generally, a terrific movie with positive themes.

Also, Does Belle anime have a happy ending?

Suzu comes to terms with her mother’s conduct and is ready to sing with her friends after finally understanding her mother’s behavior. Overall, a cheerful conclusion, however the film’s heavier subject themes are addressed in an admittedly naïve and unrealistic way in the latter third.

People also ask, How long is Belle anime?

2h 2m Running time / Belle

Related Questions and Answers

Is Belle a romance movie?

The narrative isn’t quite “Beauty and the Beast,” but the fairy tale’s characteristics are all present: the sympathetic beauty, the misunderstood beast, and the crumbling castle where The Dragon seeks refuge. But there’s no romance in “Belle,” at least not in the usual sense.

How old do you have to be to watch Belle?

For those aged 12 and above.

What is the highest age rating for a movie?

NC-17. The NC-17 classification is the maximum a film can get (even higher than the R-rating), and it indicates that the picture is intended for adults only (ages 18 and above), with no one under the age of 17 being admitted. Prior to 1990, this grade was assigned an X.

Should you watch Belle in English or Japanese?

The finest version of Belle is the English sub version with the original Japanese soundtrack. However, the English dub for this anime film does not seem to be that awful. Quite the contrary. Kylie McNeill’s voice is breathtaking.

Who does Belle end up with?


How old is Kei in Belle anime?

Suzu eventually discovers that the dragon in the actual world is a 14-year-old called Kei. She travels to their village after seeing Kei’s father physically and verbally attack him and his younger brother Tomo via a video connection, sheltering them with her own body.

Is Belle on Disney plus?

Watch Belle | Disney+ | Full Movie

Is Belle anime a romance?

Technically, her connection with the Beast isn’t really romantic. Her relationship takes place outside of U, in really embarrassing real-life situations.

Is Belle a CG?

Jin Kim, a Disney character designer, worked on the CG character design of Belle, while London-based architect Eric Wong worked on the environmental design of “U.” The end product is a work of world-class computer animation.

Is Belle a 3D movie?

Though the 3D animation used to bring U to life sometimes seem a little lifeless (possibly a deliberate homage to the fantasy that U is selling its users), Belle’s particle and background animation is breathtaking.

How long is movie Belle?

2h 2m Running time / Belle

Can PG movies say the F-word?

The F-word may only be used once in a PG-13 film due to limits imposed by the US ratings body.

What is S rated movie?

The Big ‘S’ stands for Restricted to special classes,’ which signifies that only certain elements of society, such as physicians and scientists, are allowed to see the movie. Source: YouTube/Factly

What age is G rated?

EIRIN (Film Classification and Rating Committee) has categorised these categories to limit the age range of spectators. G: Suitable for individuals of all ages. PG 12: Children under the age of 12 need parental supervision. R 15+: This event is for those aged 15 and above.

Will there be a Belle 2?

The movie premiered on September 17th. The second installment will premiere in Japan on Ap. The teaser promises that the films will be the franchise’s “last chapter.” “Let’s go, to the stage of glory,” says the project’s slogan.

Is Belle 2021 dubbed?

BELLE (English Dubbed) A fanciful, poignant narrative about growing up in the era of social media comes from Mamoru Hosoda, the acclaimed Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker, and Studio Chizu, the creators of Mirai, Wolf Children, Summer Wars, and more.

Will Belle be dubbed?

When it reaches select IMAX theaters on January 12 and a theatrical release on January 14, the whole film will be accessible in both its original Japanese language and an all-new English dubbed version.

What episode does Belle remember who she is?

“Lacey” is the 19th episode of the American ABC fantasy/drama television series Once Upon a Time’s second season, and the show’s 41st overall episode. It was broadcast on Ap.

Why can’t Suzu sing in Belle?

Suzu is a naturally great singer, but her childhood trauma has left her with severe voicelessness and a phobia of singing in front of people; even when alone, she can’t muster the courage to sing without vomiting.

How old is Shinobu in Belle?

Height and Ages of Belle Characters Suzu Naito/Belle 5 ft 2 in17 CHARACTERSHEIGHTSAGESSuzu Naito/Belle 5 feet 2 in17 Hiroka Betsuyaku Shinobu is a 5-foot-4-inch-tall 16-year-old.

Is Belle 2021 released?

Release date: January (USA)Belle

What is Movie Belle about?

After joining a magnificent virtual world, a high school student becomes a widely adored singer. She quickly finds herself on an emotional and epic adventure to discover the identity of a mystery beast fleeing brutal vigilantes. Synopsis of the film Belle

Who is beast in Belle anime?

Satoh Takeru

Will Belle be on Hulu?

Cook, Cameron. Hulu has premiered an exclusive clip from BELLE, our forthcoming historical drama.

When did Belle come out?

Release date: January (USA)Belle

Is Belle 2021 a love story?

Belle has been characterized to me as a contemporary version of Beauty and the Beast, but it isn’t a typical romance story. The Beast is another bereaved person, his origins and purpose unknown to everyone who come into contact with him.

Is Belle 2021 a romance?

Belle seems to be torn between what type of narrative it wants to be: a romance built on self-love, not judging a book by its cover, and being nice to others, or an action thriller with a villain for the sake of having a villain, but no actual conflict beyond Suzu momentarily clashing


The “belle anime movie” is a movie that was released in 2017. The film is rated PG-13 and has a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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Belle is a movie that has received mixed reviews. It has a rotten tomatoes rating of 44%. Reference: belle rotten tomatoes.

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